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5 Ways To Inspire Your Team and Get Results

Leaders certainly need vision, energy, authority and passion.  But to really be effective, leaders need to project their vision to their followers.  The vision must come to life, live and breathe.  Easy to say, difficult to do.

In other words, projecting a vision requires motivating and inspiring others to have the same passion and energy you do.  So, how do you keep people moving in the right direction?  How do you inspire?  How do you engage people every day and sustain the inspiration?


The great leaders and organizations do it, and they do it well, over and over and over. Here are 5 examples from an EntreLeadership podcast to inspire your team and get results.

1. Reveal your weaknesses.  Leaders need to open up.  Stop hiding behind your title and positional authority.  Show your team who you are, baggage and all.  Reveal your human side and admit you make mistakes.  Focus on building credibility and authenticity not a title.   Be approachable.  Your not better than everyone.

2. Live and breathe the core values of the organization, own them and model them.  Hire people who share the organization’s core values and get rid of those that don’t.  Constantly talk about the core values of the organization.  The organization exists because of the core purpose and not necessarily the product.  The product is a means to achieving the core purpose.  This gives work intrinsic value and motivates the team every day.  Organizations like Zappos and Chick-fil-A are great examples.  They exist because of a higher purpose other than the end product.

Wise leaders understand that the single greatest detriment of whether followers will ever own a vision deeply is the extent to which those followers believe the leader will own it – Bill Hybels, Author of Axiom

3. Give people a voice in achieving the organizations vision.  People need to have control of how the vision is achieved.  They communicate with the customer, they make things happen and they engage with customers.  They must be and live the vision leadership casts.  Thus, they need a say in how it’s delivered and communicated.  They have to make decisions in alignment with the core values.  That’s why it’s crucial that they share them.

4. Recognize and reward success.  Rewards come in many different shapes and forms.  Everyone likes to be recognized.  If you will recognize your people in public, in front of their peers, watch how quickly they will go through walls for you.  They will inspire and motivate others as well.  You will create a rock star!  Monetary rewards are great, but intentionally recognizing and rewarding someone builds intrinsic value like nothing else.  If you want certain behaviors, attitudes and values modeled, simple, reward people when you see them do it.

5.  Provide feedback and coaching.  This is another great way to inspire and motivate your team.  Don’t look for the gotcha moments.  Anyone can do that.  Spend your day catching people doing things right.   When you find someone that needs help, coach and direct, don’t finger point and blame.  People want to feel a sense of accomplishment.

There is so much change in today’s work environment.  The pace of change is daily.  That’s why leadership and inspiration are so important.   These 5 things are simple and common sense but not common practice.

If you can’t lead and inspire your people, they will find an organization and leader that can!

What are some ways that you motivate and inspire your team?

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