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Leadership Is A Balancing Act

Balance.  Leaders search for balance every day.   Achieve short term results or long term results?   Grow revenues or reduce costs?  Get the right people on the bus and in the right seat.  Create a positive environment but question and get action.  Have authority but admit mistakes and show vulnerability.

Leadership is like a constant paradox.  There is no easy list to follow.  No leadership process map to guide you.  Every day is a balancing act, it’s what leaders do, they balance.

There are several ways to be a leader.  You can be introverted, extroverted, authoritative, charismatic or shy.  There’s no cookie cutter style.  In fact, if you asked Bill Gates and Tony Hsieh what a leader does, you would probably get somewhat of a different answer from each one.


Both would be right.  Both are extremely successful leaders.  Both understand balance.


  1. Growing yourself and others
  2. Time and priorities
  3. Authority and humility
  4. Motivation and discipline
  5. Taking risks and playing it safe
  6. Evaluating and coaching

Look, anyone can manage for short term – just keep squeezing the lemon.  And anyone can manage for the long – just keep dreaming.  You were made to be a leader because someone believed you could squeeze and dream at the same time.  They saw in you a person with enough insight, experience, and rigor to balance – Jack Welch, Winning.

Leading is a daily balancing act.

It would be nice if there was a simple list of rules to follow.  Unfortunately, leadership doesn’t work that way.  Leadership is a choice.

Lead and balance.  Lead and balance.  Squeeze and dream.  It’s all part of leading.

Where do you need to find balance in your leadership activities?

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