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Is There A Perfect Leader?

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  There’s no one size fits all.  There’s no perfect leader just like there’s no perfect marriage, church, relationship, service or product.

People that search for perfect typically never find it.  

Have you found the perfect church? What about your marriage? What about your company, department, team or cause?  Is it perfect?  It may be great.  But everyone has issues and struggles.  

If you are looking for perfect, you’ll be looking a long time.  



Perfect Illusion

Perfect is boring.  I haven’t found perfect yet.  There will always be uncertainties and obstacles.  That’s what leaders look for.   Change requires vision and sustaining change requires leadership.

Change changes perfect.  What is perfect? What’s after perfect? Perfect stands still.  Perfect is satisfied.  Perfect is complacent.  

Perfect doesn’t like change.  Change makes perfect obsolete.  Change makes perfect get better every day.  

Perfect hates competition.  Competition challenges perfect to innovate, design better, serve better, take care of customers better and lead.

Perfects Enemy

Humility is the enemy of perfect.  Humble leaders know they don’t know everything.  They know they are not perfect.    Humility doesn’t care about your title or position.  Humility works hard to serve others rather than trying to be perfect.

Humility gives credit to the people.

“They are the lions and I am the roar,” Winston Churchill

Churchill knew he was a front man and the people of England really won the war.  People, energy and dedication matter.   Humility takes a back seat and doesn’t care who gets credit.  

Humility points out the window to his people and credits them.   

Perfect looks in the mirror.    

Why Humility Matters

Humility has a great work ethic.  He will work harder than anyone else.  Humility lives by principles and integrity.  Humility creates trust which eliminates the need for positional power.  Influence is earned.  

Mahatma Gandhi held no formal authority — no position. Yet because he had moral authority, he had influence. He changed the lives of over 300 million people using his moral authority.

Humility matters. Humility influences.  Humility leads.  

The Perfect Leader

You won’t find one.  But you should look for the following traits when deciding who you follow.

  1. A person who lives by principles and has integrity
  2. Trust 
  3. Character
  4. Love for people and a cause
  5. Humility
  6. Actions align with their speech (practice what they preach)

These traits won’t make you perfect.  Be thankful.  Perfect is boring.  They will help you lead.  They will help you influence.  They will help you build relationships.

Respect the worth of everyone you lead, everyone can be a great contributor.  No one is beneath you.  Create this sense of importance.  Honor those you lead.   Give them credit and respect.  

Choose humility rather than perfection.  Your people will trust you and give you their best effort.

What leadership traits would you add to the list above?  













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