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Leaders Have To Earn The Right

As a leader, without your people you are nothing.  It’s your job to do everything you can to help them succeed.  When you think you’ve done enough, do a little more.

You have to earn the right to fire someone,  Hyrum W. Smith, Co-Founder Franklin Covey.

Have you earned the right?  Have you done everything in your power to help your people succeed?  Have you done some more?  If not, you haven’t earned the right.

If you haven’t earned the right, you’ve failed.  People quit leaders not organizations.


Fear or Love

What atmosphere do you create as a leader?  Do your people love coming to work?  Or, do they fear coming to work?  Do they come to work because they have to (fear) or want to (love).

Leaders need to create the love.

Create an atmosphere so your people do what they do because they want to do it, not because they have to do it.  There’s a big difference.

Create the love.  Create an unwillingness to let people fail.  Do everything in your power to help them succeed.

Earn the right.


When you genuinely care about people and they trust you, they want to come to work.  They love it.  They don’t come to work because they have to (fear).  They come to work because they want to (love).

You have to get people emotionally involved.  They need to do something that matters.  Make a difference.  People need a higher purpose other than profit.

It’s all about the people.  Loving your people.  Caring about your people.  You rise with the success of your people.  Your people strengthen you as a leader.   They are the fuel and you are the fire.  You are the voice and the vision.

Earn the right.

Listen Up

A lot of leaders hear but don’t listen.  The ability to listen to your people is crucial.  You can learn so much from all of your people.  They should feel like they work  with you, not for you.

You learn by listening to others.

It’s a two-way street.  If you want people to listen to you, listen to them.  Don’t just “hear” but listen.

Earn the right.

Character or Perception

Character is what you are.  How you live.  The values and principles you live and work by.  What you do when no one is looking.  The decisions you make.  You can’t teach it.

Perception is what people think, not necessarily what they know.  Perception is not always accurate.  Perception blames.  Perception gossips.  Perception usually knows half the truth.

Value character.  Hire character.  Question perception.

Earn the right.

The Road

Practice, preparation, teaching, coaching, listening, planning, organizing, leading, creating a great culture and developing your people.

That’s the road.

Success.  Profit.  Growth.  Jobs.  A great product or service.  Excellence.

This is the end game.

The end game is a byproduct of the road.  Stay on the road.  Challenge it.  Focus on the road.  Travel the road.  The end game will happen. Take people with you down the road (lead).

You have to earn the right to lead. You have to earn trust.  You have to earn loyalty.  You have to earn your influence.  It’s not given to you.

Have you done everything possible to help your people succeed?

Have you earned the right?

What can leaders do to earn the right to lead? 

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