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Great Leaders Transform and Get Results

The great athletes mentally vision (picture) their success.   They see the shot, throw, catch and putt before it happens.  What about you?  Do you see (picture) your leadership success?

Do you believe it?  Do you see yourself as a leader?  If you can’t, do you think others will?

Conform or Transform

It’s easy to conform.  It’s easy to picture (see yourself) just like everyone else.  Leading the same way, expecting the same results.  Getting on board the hierarchy train.

Conforming doesn’t take any initiative.  Just blend in.  Do what’s always been done.  Don’t cause a rukus.  No one’s feelings are hurt.  Nobody gets upset.  The needle stays at status quo.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.  Conform.

Transformation takes seeing things differently.  Leaders that transform start things.  They take initiative.   The “see” themselves as a leader.  Making a difference.

Transformation doesn’t care about sacred cows in the organization.   Leaders that transform envision a new and better future.    A better way, whatever “better” is.  They can see it and imagine it.  They are willing to try it and improve it.

Transformation connects people.  Transformation creates tribes.  Transformation reaches out to communities of people with similar interests and passions.

Conforming sticks with the masses.  It waits.  It’s safe.  It’s predictable.


Do You “See Yourself” Conforming or Transforming

Can you picture yourself leading?  You have to lead yourself at a minimum.   If you can’t envision yourself leading how do you know what to include or exclude?

You can’t.

You can conform and blend in or transform and lead.  Either one is ok but you have to decide.  Where do you see yourself?

  1. Apple is transforming the computer industry.
  2. Google is transforming the search engine industry.
  3. Dave Ramsey is transforming how people “think and deal with money”.
  4. Zappos is transforming how a product is purchased and a company culture.
  5. Self -publishing is transforming the way books are produced and marketed.
  6. Social media is transforming the way we connect to each other.
  7. The world-wide-web is transforming the way we do business.

The list goes on.  There are hundreds of organizations and individuals that have made the decision to transform rather than blend in and conform.  There are examples all around.  It just takes a little effort to find them.

  1. The missionaries who drop everything to serve.
  2. The teachers who serve in the classroom.
  3. The doctors who search for a cure.
  4. The parents who lead by example and not by the “Jones’ “.

It’s easy to conform.  It’s safe.  It’s tough to transform.  It’s risky.  There is no guarantee.  Only an opportunity to make a difference.

Transform something and lead!

What are some examples of leaders you know who have transformed rather than conformed? 


  1. John, Thanks again for a timely call to energized action using the passion and personal/professional influence that is ours. Lights do not belong under bushels – indeed! Patti


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