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19 Ways To Announce You Are A Leader

No one can announce you as the leader.  You can put on a great press conference.  You can send out a great press release.   You can have the television stations show up.  Shout it to the roof tops.

You can light up the Facebook page and send out tweets to everyone.

You’re still not the leader.

You will have to earn that.  It’s not an announcement.  It’s not a position.   Put whatever letters you want under your name, CEO, COO, CFO, Manager, Director, Customer Service Representative or Sales Associate.

Now you have a title.

The size of the announcement doesn’t matter.  The number of letters next to your name doesn’t matter.  Announcements and positions don’t make a difference.

The size and impact of your influence does.


The Real Announcement

If you want to announce yourself as the leader then…..

  1. Step out of your comfort zone and do something different.
  2. Communicate the vision.
  3. Inspire.
  4. Challenge people.
  5. Lead by example.
  6. Live and model the core values.
  7. Have fun.
  8. Spread positive thinking and encouragement.
  9. Resist complacency.
  10. Author Seth Godin says to follow the resistance in your head (do what it’s telling you to resist).
  11. Wash your team’s feet (serve them everyday).
  12. Love and care about those you lead.
  13. Develop yourself – learn and grow – read.
  14. Do the hard work.  Get started.
  15. Develop the “soft” skills it’s the “hard” stuff.
  16. Be wrong – vulnerable – and admit both.
  17. Say “thank you” a lot.  Say it some more.
  18. Be humble – have humility.
  19. Significant leadership doesn’t have to be big.  It has to care.

Create your own announcement.  No one can announce your leadership.  It’s something you earn every day.

It’s the boss who has that guts to have the crucial conversation.  It’s the apology.  It’s the praise.  It’s “I’m accountable and responsible.”

You don’t need anyone or anything to announce you as the leader.  You will announce yourself.  It’s enough.

What else can you do to “announce” your leadership?


  1. Vola RJohary says:

    Great article! Inspiring! Thank you !

  2. John – thanks for sharing. This is perfect for my morning reflection. A re-learning for me to finish the week strong by reflecting on my daily leadership walk and behaviors.

  3. A very good reminder for all leaders of what is important, thank you John

  4. owen charnley says:

    how can you be a leader with no followers?

    • Owen,

      That’s a really good question and one I struggled with a lot. But, you have to lead yourself at a minimum. If you have family members, you have to be a leader as well, parenting, etc. at some point in your life you are called to lead something. Everyone has the opportunity to lead and be an example. The question is whether we choose to do it.

      Take care and thanks for a great question.


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