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12 Questions Leaders Should Be Asking Themselves

Here are 12 great questions taken from two awesome leadership podcasts, Andy Stanley and Perry Noble.

#1 – Will you “let it go”?  Let go of the sacred cows in the organization.  What do you need to let go of that is draining life out of the organization?  Forget about the past.  Honor it but move on.  Talk about your dreams.

#2 – Do you apologize for having a big vision?  Don’t.  You should never apologize for having a big vision.  People will think you are crazy or different.  So what.  What if Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and Truett Cathy apologized for their big vision?  Don’t apologize for having a big vision and dreams.

#3 – Do you care more about your people than your position?  Do you let your people know you are with them no matter how good it gets or how bad it gets?


#4 – What are you willing to go through?  You will be tested.  You can’t have progress without the pain.  The sweat.   Will you do what you ask your team to do?

#5 – Do you lead by encouragement and casting a vision or through fear, intimidation and power?  Everyone’s a nail and you’re a hammer.

#6 – Do you enjoy hearing about your competitors failures?  Do you like hearing when one of your competitors has a major setback or loss?  The answer tells people about your heart.

#7 – Do you really care about the people you lead or are they a means to an end?  Another promotion.  A larger network and platform?  If you want to know, ask the people you lead (your direct reports).   Are you willing to take care of your people first?  They will be taking care of your customers.

#8 – Are you giving your best effort when you lead or have you become complacent? Is the status quo ok?  Where is remarkable?

#9 – Are you trustworthy?  Do you follow through with your commitments?  Are you earning respect and trust or using power and authority?

#10 – Do you finger point, blame and complain or do you get engaged and help solve problems?  Do you deal with issues or hide from them?

#11 – What are you willing to believe?  Do you believe you can lead?  Are you willing to lead?  Do you believe in the department, team, division or organization you lead? If you believe you can, you can.  If you believe you can’t, you can’t.  What are you willing to believe?

#12 - Are you hiring great people?  The goal should be to make yourself useless.  Committed people and a great culture take care of business for you.

What other questions would you add to the list?


  1. Are you letting go of telling people what they “should” do (advice from a position of right/wrong), instead offering what they could do (suggesting possibilities to explore)?

    • Chris,

      Great thoughts. I like the “could do” approach. Let’s them figure out their own solution, with your guidance. Great thoughts! There’s probably an appropriate time for the “should do” as well. Thanks for reading and your comments.

      Take care,

  2. Mike Cowan says:

    Great article, good reminder for the little things that are so important. Thank you for sharing

  3. Some interesting questions and great food for thought. I was really tempted to put a link in my latest blog but I think using “I” in some questions and “You” in others makes it confusing and very unclear what position you are taking on some of these. Hope this is helpful.

    • Beverly,

      Thanks for your comments. I’ll go back and look at my use of the word “you” and “I”. I agree, it could be confusing. I’ll review and make sure you understand my position. Thanks for reading and the help. I appreciate it. I’m fine if you link on your blog. Yes, it is helpful and I’m always appreciative of another set of eyes. I learned something, so that’s important.

      Take care,


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