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29 Leadership Tips and Courage

Here are 29 essential leadership tips about courage that will transform your leadership.  Courage is a quality leaders need.  A fierce determination.  A bull dog mentality.  Not a  mentality that says “look at me” but one that says “follow me“.

The courage to do things you’ve never done.  The courage to make decisions you’ve never made.  The courage to make a difference wherever you work.  Leading a small group of 3 or a large division of 300.

Lead yourself.  It starts with self-mastery.  That alone takes courage.  The courage to decide.  Decide to be a better you and lead.  You decide.  It’s a choice.

People will tell you you can’t!  You can’t change careers.  You can’t start a movement.  You can’t build an individual platform.  You can’t expect people to be loyal and trust you.  You can’t do something you enjoy and make a living at the same time.  You can’t lead with love.

Courage doesn’t can’t it leads!

The Courage Factor and Leadership

#1 – Courage obeys the tough callings.

#2- Courage makes the tough decisions.

#3 – Courage has the crucial conversations.

#4 – Courage makes the tough hire.

#5 – Courage takes the risk and knows failure is an option.

#6 – Courage fails and then risks failing again.


#7 – Courage is always influencing and knows people are always watching.

#8 – Courage doesn’t have time for the status quo or mediocrity.

#9 – Courage challenges and sets huge expectations.

#10 – Courage cares about who you become not what you do.

#11 – Courage leads people and manages things.

#12 – Courage understands the tortoise always wins and delays instant gratification.

#13 – Courage does the hard things even though it costs something.

#14 – Courage chooses significance over success.

#16 – Courage gets out of its comfort zone.

#17 – Courage has a professional willpower combined with humility.

#18 – Courage sticks with the vision and plan.  It stays the course day after day.

#19 – Courage doesn’t conform, it transforms.

#20 – Courage leads with character and values.

#21 – Courage shows up, it gets in the game.  You can’t get to second base with your foot on first.

#22 – Courage understands that doing trumps knowing.  Courage pulls the trigger on decisions.  It’s the difference between being good and great.

#23 – Courage forgives because forgiveness is a choice.

#24 – Courage understands you can’t lead alone.  It’s lonely at the top if you don’t bring others with you.

#25 – Courage doesn’t give up.  It crosses the finish line.

#26 – Courage is about giving not getting.

#27 – Courage knows there is something bigger than itself.  Courage understands there is something beyond an individual capacity.

#28 – Courage creates loyalty and trust.

#29 – Courage doesn’t care about pride and insecurity.

Great leaders have courage.  What do you need courage for right now?  Which one of these things would change you as a leader?  Pick one.  Pick one each week and make a difference.

Who do you need to forgive?  What tough decisions do you need to make?  What crucial conversation do you need to have?  What can you do to earn trust and loyalty with your people?  What will you transform?

Lead with courage.

What would you add to the list?  


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