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11 Reasons Leaders Need To Be Remarkable

It was a typical day today.  Typical as typical can be with three daughters, two dogs and a wife.  Is typical good enough!   Did typical make a difference?  No.  Leaders need to be remarkable.

No one likes typical.  It’s average said differently.  Ordinary.  Why be typical when remarkable is a choice?

Typical happens every day by millions of people and thousands of organizations.  Typical products and services.  Typical leadership.  Typical employees.

What if you made a choice?  A decision.  No more typical.  No more average.  No more common.  No more ordinary.  Each day you can be typical or remarkable.


Typical or Remarkable?

  1. Typical goes to a job.
  2. Remarkable finds a passion.
  1. Typical is satisfied.
  2. Remarkable searches for remarkable.
  1. Typical drudges through.
  2. Remarkable can’t wait for another day.
  1. Typical fits in.
  2. Remarkable stands out.
  1. Typical needs motivation.
  2. Remarkable creates motivation.
  1. Typical takes care of the customer.
  2. Remarkable “wows” the customer.
  1. Typical avoids failure.
  2. Remarkable learns from failure.
  1. Typical is smarter than everyone else.
  2. Remarkable knows it’s not smarter than everyone else.
  1. Typical considers working hard for something and failing a waste of time.
  2. Remarkable knows it’s one step closer to remarkable.
  1. Typical wants “overnight success”.
  2. Remarkable works 10 years and creates overnight success.
  1. Typical climbs the ladder.
  2. Remarkable finds life balance.

What can you be remarkable at?  What can you do better than anyone else where you work right now?  Go do that.  Be remarkable where you work.

Typical is expendable.  Remarkable is indispensable.

Every day you have a choice.  You can be typical.  You can be remarkable.

Be remarkable.

What can you do today to be remarkable? 


  1. There is a big difference between typical and remarkable. Success only happens when we are intentional about being remarkable. Great post and insights.

  2. Being remarkable is not something to become, it is something to be. You can be remarkable right now by making the choice. It’s not a destination, it is a decision.

    • Mike,

      Great point. I agree. It is just like leadership, it’s a decision, a choice. Thanks for your comment. You make a valid point. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

      Take care,


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