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Why Not You?

Four years ago Mike Henry Sr. clicked a button.  Little did he know the “click” would change his life.   Today, each click takes him farther and farther along the road to making a positive difference.

Why not you?

One click.  One choice.  One decision.  Now, four years later the Lead Change Group has 50 instigators and 100 different authors on its blog, over 1,200 people registered on the website, 2,200 members on LinkedIn and 1,900 likes on its Facebook page.

They’ve also published a book, The Character Based Leader: Instigating A Leadership Revolution…One Person at a Time.

A local group in Tulsa has hosted two Chick-fil-A Leadercasts and 6 breakfast panel discussions.

Sometimes knowing you don’t want to do “nothing” creates something.  It inspires.  It leads change.

To see the power in one click, it’s important to go back to the beginning.   Where and why Mike answered the question.  Why not you?  He didn’t have to.  He could have blended in.   Done nothing.

But, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

In 2009 the company Mike worked for was sold.   Mike decided (chose) to get purposeful about studying leadership and following others who were writing about leadership.

LinkedIn and a Book  

Mike formed a group on LinkedIn because he heard it was a great way to build  connections.   Around that time, he read the book Tribes by Seth Godin.  Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration and a few connections.

He formed the Lead Change Group and reserved the URL.

“I believed I had something to say about leadership.  I also knew that many others did too.  I was reading their blogs and interacting with them on Twitter and now LinkedIn.  It occurred to me that, mostly because of the energy that Twitter was generating, a small group of people could attract some attention. Maybe as few as 30 or so people could create critical-mass around an idea,” Mike Henry Sr.

 Why not you?

Impact Matters

Mike was tired of spending all his energy at work and having such a small impact.  Working for 25 people at 13 different companies in 4 different industries and 4 different areas of business in 28 years can have that effect.

Mike made a decision.

“So I would do what I believed. I would connect people and promote the application of leadership to make a positive difference.  Applying leadership to make a positive difference was my first tag-line.”

Four years later Mike has started something.   It’s real.  It’s a community of individuals who believe character-based leadership wins.    It impacts.

It all started with a click.  A choice.  A choice to not do nothing.  Nothing was unacceptable.

Nothing wouldn’t make a positive difference.

“I don’t want to be a person who does nothing,” Mike Henry Sr.

 Why not you?


In the fall of 2009 the group started talking about having a face-to-face meeting. In February of 2010 15 members got together in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for LeaderPalooza.

They billed it as “Not Your Mama’s Leadership Conference.”

They didn’t have any “speakers”.   They wanted to dialogue about leadership, rather than sit-and-listen.   Everyone was part of the program.   No agenda.  They made it up when they arrived.  An un-conference.

The Lead Change Group multi-author website came out of the meeting.   Its debut was July 2010 shortly after LeaderPalooza.

It all began with one click.  A community (tribe) now exists.  Lives are changed.  People learn and grow every day.  Leaders connect.

Someone decided to not do nothing.

Why not you?

Someone decides.  One click.  One interaction.  One connection.  Why not you?

If not you, then who?  Who decides?  Someone will.  Why not you?

Who else do you know that has answered the question ”Why not you?”


  1. What a wonderful tribute… and all so true. Namaste.


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