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9 Leadership Tips Anyone Can Use Immediately

Here are 9 leadership tips I heard on recent podcasts by Perry Noble and Andy Stanley.  You can use these tips right away.   Review these with your team.  Discuss them during staff meetings.  Discuss how each one relates to your organization.  How can they make you better leaders?  Look for examples where you can apply each one and how it makes a difference.



1 – Vision, beliefs, purpose, values, hopes, dreams – these are the pillars of leadership.  When you lead with these and lift people up you get results.  Replace trivial things with these pillars and inspire your people.

2 – Take your people somewhere – the goal of leadership is to take your followers somewhere.  Somewhere significant.  Somewhere that matters.  Somewhere that makes a difference. Help them accomplish dreams.  Take your people on a journey, not just a destination.

3 – Good things happen when you – engage others, help others win and lead with humility.

4 – Don’t look inward – you lose focus as a leader when you focus on you.  Leadership is about the people you lead.  Focus on your people and vision.  Look outward.

5 – Love people – love translates through all cultures.  It’s universal.  People need to know you care.  Show them.

6 – Develop your people don’t do everything for them – leadership isn’t about doing everything for your people.  It’s about developing them and teaching them how to lead.

7 – When you get comfortable start asking questions – complacency and comfort are a warning sign you need to start asking questions.  Challenge things.  Start asking why.  Why do we do it this way?  Embrace challenges.  Embrace change.  Challenge the status quo.  Challenge yourself.  Don’t accept something just because.  Complacency and comfort don’t make things move forward.  Get uncomfortable.

8 – Lead by example – do what you say you will do.  Model the behaviors you want.  Live the values.   You will earn trust over time.  Lead with character.

9 – Simplify the complex – we live in a complex environment.  The pace of work is fast.  It’s global in nature.  What used to take weeks now takes minutes.  People like things simple.  Make things as simple as possible.  It seems simple, but it’s not.  Great leaders can take complex issues and strategies and break them down so people understand them.  Simplify.

What else would you add to the list?  



  1. Hi, John – nice list.

    Nothing to add, but I really like both number 2 and number 6, since they both focus on what the leader does for others. Along with 3 and 4, this emphasis on the leader’s responsibility for those they lead is critical, in my opinion.

    I remember having one of my earliest significant differences with a boss over developing our employees. My stance was “help them become better and grow in whatever way they desire to grow”, which I thought was just how you nurture people. My boss believed that “help them grow and then they go work somewhere else”, which was true enough, but struck me as a rather selfish attitude.

    Thanks for sharing this great list.

  2. This might be under “engage” but I would add “get out from behind the desk.” Not only in terms of seeing things firsthand but also losing that imperious attitude that people must approach you.
    P.S. John I’ve worked for bosses with that same bizarre attitude. And when people leave (because the boss had been stunting their growth instead of assisting it), they somehow think this proves their point.

    • Rick,

      Excellent point about “getting out from behind the desk.” Great thought. I agree. I like your thought about losing the attitude that people must approach you. Sounds like you’ve experienced some of this first hand. Thanks for your thoughts and comments.

      Take care,

  3. Mike Cowan says:

    I would have to say #2 #6 & #8 are my favorite. Great article John/

  4. John,

    I strongly agree with your #8, of leading by example. I think this a very important quality to have, is someone who does not just talk the talk, but they walk it too. You gain so much more respect from your employees if you are willing to be an example to them and an inspiration. It makes them want to work harder too.

    • Daniel,

      You make several great points. Leaders have to walk the talk or they lose trust and respect as you’ve mentioned. I agree, when your people see you doing what you say, they do work harder and are inspired.

      Thanks for your comments and insights.

      Take care,

  5. Thanks for sharing these empowering principles for integrity and growth, enabling today’s leaders to nurture leaders for tomorrow

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