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A 5 Step Delegation Plan That Gets Results

Do you try to do everything yourself instead of delegating?  You have a team around you who is fully capable of getting things done, but you don’t utilize their talent and creativity.  In order to be successful at what you do, you have to accept help from others and learn the power of delegation.

The quality of your work improves when you delegate and accept input from your people. Here’s a 5 step delegation plan to help you get results.




5 Step Delegation Plan


1. Delegate the task itself, not the way it’s completed.  Let your people determine how it’s done.  You are delegating the results you want. See Steven M.R. Covey’s book the Speed of Trust for great delegation information.

2. Assign tasks based on strengths. You can’t do this if you don’t know your people.Let each person do what they are best at.You can still be in control of the final project.You don’t have to do the project.

3. Utilize progress reports with specific deadlines. This will enable you to monitor the progress of what you’ve delegated. If there is trouble, what can you do to help? Use the progress report as a helpful tool, not a gotcha management system.

4. Let your team know you expect them to do well.  Most people will rise to expectations.  Make sure you inspect what you expect.  Utilize the progress reports. Inspect the results. Let your team provide the results.

5. Celebrate, praise and give positive feedback when it’s completed.  Celebrate success.  People want to be recognized.  Recognize your people in public in front of their peers. This will build loyalty and trust.

It’s your decision. You can let go now or pay the price later.  Look for ways you can use the talents of your people. It will make your job much easier and help create a culture of delegation in your organization. It will also build trust and loyalty.  Two keys for any leader.

Questions you need to answer:

#1 – Do you accept help from others?

#2 – What task(s) are you holding on to that you need to delegate?

#3 – How will your life improve once you allow others to help?



  1. I completed agree with your plan for delegation. This is how I delegate work to fellow employees at my job. Nice Blog, Keep up the good work!

  2. Delegation was a major struggle for me in my first supervisory job years ago because I hadn’t been trained on how to do it effectively. Back then it felt like I was pushing work onto others. Once I learned how to delegate, which you captured well here, my life improved!

    • Joel,

      I was not good at it either for the same reason. No one ever showed me how to do it. I tried to do everything and paid the price for it. Life does improve when you learn to delegate.

      Take care,

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