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5 Ways To Change Your Mornings

How can you get energized, motivated, and look forward to your day rather than wishing you could just go back to bed? Change your mornings. When your mindset is positive and you are excited about the day in front of you, you can do great things.  When you wake up in a negative mood, it sets the tone for the rest of the day.




How To Change Your Mornings


1. Get enough sleep. It’s true that you’ll sometimes feel tired no matter what, but you might not be getting quality rest without even knowing it. It could be a contributing factor to the reason why you can’t get up with a smile on your face. Try going to bed earlier and see how you feel.  Make sure you plan to get to sleep by a certain time.  Don’t stay up late. Commit to getting the rest you need so you have the energy you need.

2. Give yourself more time in the morning. Sometimes you just need more time in the morning to get ready. Don’t procrastinate and rush. If you’re trying to squeeze every possible moment of sleep into your schedule, when you do get up you have to rush. That’s too much stress for the morning. You’ve set the tone for the day.  Set a positive tone.  You don’t show up for meetings unprepared, rushed and late. Practice great time management skills in the morning and give yourself time for the unexpected.  Leave time for some peaceful moments in your morning. Enjoy the silence. The peacefulness.

3. Use the night before to prepare for the morning. Plan ahead. Make the morning process as effective and efficient as possible.  Whatever you need to have ready, don’t wait until the morning. Do it ahead of time. Get everything in order.

4.  Spend time in reflection and silence. Meditation and prayer gives you an inner peace to start your day. When your foot hits the floor, life will happen. Schedules will be altered. Emotions will come to life. Give yourself an edge before you face life. Utilize prayer and meditation to win before you start your day. Your inner peace will help you deal with circumstances and events.  Give thanks. Concentrate on everything you have to be thankful for in life.

Do this: write down on a piece of paper everything you have to be thankful for.  Do it all day long. Every time you think of something to be thankful for, write it down. Before you go to bed, review the list and be thankful. Wake up the next morning and review the list. Be thankful. Develop an attitude of gratitude.

And this: keep the list going all week.  You will be amazed at everything you have to be thankful for.  There will be no need for negative mornings.  You have to much to be thankful for to focus on anything negative.

5. Be positive. You have a choice. You can be grumpy all day or you can be positive and make a difference. Set the tone early. Choose to be positive and make a difference.  Focus on all the positive things you can achieve.  What one person can you influence in a positive way?  If you know you’ll be encountering unpleasant situations, get it taken care of first. Then, focus on the parts of your day that can and will be pleasant for you.

Be proactive and use your mornings to set yourself up for success. Make them easy.  Have a plan. Be positive. Be thankful.

Go dominate your day!




  1. I struggle with 1 and 4. My 7 month old has a vote on 1 though. =)

    • Joel,

      I bet you do struggle a little with #1 having a 7 month old. Well worth it though. I have 3 daughters and they keep me going as well. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Dominate your day!

  2. John, for me the biggest difference has been number 4. I lay in bed for a few minutes reflecting on things and saying prayers for the good things that happened the day before. I try not to think ahead because then my mind starts creating a to-do list! Sometimes, I fall asleep again, and then I know that I haven’t been following rule number 1 – the most important rule and the one we all tend to overlook.

    • D’Anne – great point about falling back to sleep. I do that also. Frustrating. But you are right, it usually goes back to number one and not getting enough rest. I like your point about reflecting and praying first thing. Awesome.

      Take care,

  3. Hi John, Great list. I would add to this: Have a routine. By following a routine you develop a habit which creates a powerful day. Get up at the same time each day, do the things you suggest here, and do it every day. Some may find it helpful to have a weekday routine and a weekend routine. Consistency is the key.

    • Dan,

      #Leadwithgiants! Hope you are doing well. I like your idea of a routine. Great point. It really does help to have a consistent routine. I also like the idea of a weekend routine. I haven’t thought about that but a great point.

      Take care,

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