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2 Key Benefits of Hard Work

Hard work is the primary ingredient of  success. There are no shortcuts. But hard work doesn’t have to be miserable, you can enjoy it. They key is to know why you work hard. If you don’t know why you work hard, then it’s a job. You collect a paycheck. If you know why you work hard and have passion, it gets you up in the morning.



Enjoy It

The real key is the ability to enjoy hard work. Ultimately, your level of success is determined by the actions you consistently take. If you’re only willing to do the same things everyone else is willing to do, you’re going to get average. You will blend in with the status quo.

Don’t let average win. Bet different and better.

If you really take a look at successful people, you’ll see they do things on a regular basis the average person would never do. Why? The average person is afraid or isn’t willing to do the work.

When you do the work, you risk failing. You have to get uncomfortable. You have to get vulnerable. Successful people eat uncomfortable for breakfast. Average people don’t make it to the table. Fear wins. Resistance prevails.

The Real Secret

The real secret is hard work is only hard at first. Once you do something enough and fail at it, you get better. It’s not hard anymore. You learn it. You teach it. You get better. The first of anything you do is never really easy.

For example, sales calls can be difficult for some people. But after you’ve made a few hundred calls? It becomes second nature. You enjoy it. You still fail and get rejected but you know what you are doing. You enjoy the grind.

Everything gets easier with the right kind of practice. You were nervous the first time you drove a car. How do you feel about it now? It’s automatic.

Push The Envelope

Although we naturally avoid things that make us uncomfortable, it’s where the growth lives. We’ve all been told not to push the envelope. Why? Because it’s easy not to. You don’t have to work hard.

Slide the envelope. Challenge someone. Create something. Lead a group. Make a difference. The envelope is in front of you. What are you waiting for?

What are the odds of leading a company, department or team by accident? Again, it takes forethought, dedication, and yes, hard work. Where’s your envelope?

2 Key Benefits of Hard Work

1. Hard work builds and develops character. You develop the maturity and sense of responsibility to realize important things don’t just happen.

2. Hard work develops a purpose and passionate intention to move beyond your fear and your ego.


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