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13.5 Leadership Tips and a Powerful Video

Here are 13.5 leadership tips for you to review this weekend. Pick one and think about it. How is it relevant to your situation? How can it make you a better leader? What one action will make you a better leader on Monday? Then work on another one.



#1 People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it – Simon Sinek.  Create your why first then determine how to do what you do.  You need all three, the what, how and why.

#2 What can you be the best in the world at? Whatever it is, do that. Be the best in your world. You determine your world. Don’t let others dictate your world. Create it yourself.

#3 Understand the power of 1 zero – Zig Ziglar.

  • 100
  • 1,000
  • 10,000
  • 100,000
  • 1,000,000

Ziglar says it’s just one zero but it makes a huge difference.  Today is just one day but it can make a huge difference.  You decide.

#4 Understand that little things make a huge difference. Put other people first. Open a door for someone. Say thank you, a lot. Tell someone, “I believe in you”. Then get out of the way and let them learn how to lead.

#5 Work on doing less but executing very well. Then become the best in the world at it.

#6 Listen to the front lines, they create the bottom line. You don’t know it all. You don’t need to. Listen to your people, they are your direct link to your customers.

#7 Create a culture where people do work that matters and not just a job.

#8 Look for people who have passion but need some training rather than someone who is skilled but doesn’t have any passion.  Watch this video and see what passion can do for you.

#9 Don’t apologize for wanting to lead.

#10 Don’t be inspired by someone elses dream, create your own.

#11 Learn how to fail so you can succeed. Then fail again.

#12 Don’t overcomplicate things. Learn how to create a Minimum Viable Product and then keep improving it.

#13 Don’t fall into the comparison trap.

#13.5 Focus on what you can do for others rather than what you can get. Getting is easy, giving takes work.

What tip or thought challenges you the most? 



  1. Great tips John. This page is a definite bookmark. Thanks

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