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11 Keys to Finding and Keeping Momentum

Monday Morning Leadership

It’s Monday morning, again. You have another week to gain some momentum and define success. How you define success is up to you.  You will see a great video with Simon Sinek a little later in the post. He discusses momentum and how it correlates to success.

Author and Senior Pastor at NewSpring Church, Perry Noble has a great May Leadership  podcast about momentum. Listen to it here.

Momentum’s a great thing. Jim Collins, author of Good To Great describes it as the flywheel effect. Every time you have success, momentum builds and turns the flywheel a little more.

The key question is how do you sustain momentum? How do you catch lightning in a bottle and duplicate it over and over? You feel invincible when you have momentum but you’re not. You feel inadequate when you don’t have momentum, but you’re not.



Here are five key points from Perry Noble’s May Leadership Podcast about momentum.  During the podcast, Noble describes his experience learning how to surf and how it relates to momentum.

1. You need a wave. You can’t surf without a wave. The bigger the wave the better.  So, how do you create a wave in your organization? Can you manufacture a wave of momentum? Can you create your own momentum? Noble states you need to be willing to work hard and make something happen.

2. The wave you create will eventually slow down and end. Thus, you need to look beyond the waves for additional opportunities. Waves that are coming.

3. What are the waves in your business throughout the year? Do you have seasonal opportunities where revenue will certainly increase? When does it decline? You need to know the waves and plan accordingly.

4. Look ahead and don’t look down. Looking ahead enables you to capitalize on momentum.

5. Know what the sharks are in your business.  Sharks can be internal and external.

Why to Use Momentum – Simon Sinek


Key Points In The Video


1. Success is elusive – what is it?

2. How do you define success?

3. Not many people know how to measure success.

4. If it can go by itself, it’s successful – momentum.

5. It takes more energy to get something started than to keep it going – momentum.

6. Measure the momentum of your career not salaries, promotions, etc.

Have a great week and ride the waves!

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