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Leadership Is Personal

Jim Kouzes – Bestselling Author The Leadership Challenge

People Need To Know…..

  • Who you are – what you do at work is not who you are. It’s part of who you are.
  • What you care about – what moves your heart?
  • Why they should follow you – how will you help them succeed?

Good leaders get to know people beyond their job titles – The Leadership Pill

The First Check


Several months ago my oldest daughter brought home her first paycheck. She works at Chick-fil-A. The household was celebrating uncontrollably. She was 17 at the time and it was literally her first “real” paycheck.

Why was I so impressed?

It was the hand written note at the bottom of the check.

Welcome to the team! Give your very best and you will be awesome here!

That’s what my 17 year old daughter saw when she opened her first check. Doesn’t seem like much.  One simple sentence.   One opportunity to make a difference.   A personal note from the operator.

It wasn’t just a check. Now it was personal.

If you want a team that is unified and aligned, make leadership personal. People don’t want a job, they want a purpose.  What they do is simply a means to achieve the higher purpose.  The why.  Consider these organizations:

1.     Zappos

2.     Apple

3.     Chick-fil-A

4.     Hobby Lobby

5.     Southwest Airlines

It’s not what these organizations do.  Each has a higher calling or purpose (why).  You can’t achieve that without making it personal.  It won’t resonate.  It won’t stick.  You won’t get buy in.

Southwest Airlines Secret



The key to effective leadership is the relationship you build with your team – Ken Blanchard, Marc Muchnick, The Leadership Pill.

You lead people all day. Not machines. Machines don’t have a conscious, fears, families, cares, disappointments or successes. You don’t have a relationship with a machine or computer. The people you lead shouldn’t be a means to an end (profit).

They are the end. Without people, you don’t succeed.

Have a great week. Get to know your people and what they care about. What moves their heart. Treat them like your customers.


  1. I try to treat everyone like they have a sign around their neck that reads “Make me feel important”. As social creatures we have a built in desire to feel needed, wanted, important, and appreciated. Excellent work as always!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I guess there is one mind out there:

    WorldBlu is another organization that highlights awesome companies!

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