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4 Ways To Become A Transformational Leader

It’s easy to conform.  It’s easy to picture (see yourself) just like everyone else. Leading the same way, expecting the same results.  Getting on board the hierarchy train. Waking up and doing the same thing over and over and over but getting the same results.

Conforming doesn’t take much  initiative.  Just blend in.  Do what’s always been done.  Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.  Nobody gets upset.  The needle stays at status quo. If nothing changes, nothing changes.  Conform.

Transformation is different.  Leaders who transform see things different.  They take initiative.   The “see” themselves as a leader.  Making a difference. Inspiring and motivating people.

Conforming sticks with the masses.  It waits.  It’s safe.  It’s predictable. Southwest Airlines is a great example. Conform and be like every other airline.  Transform and change the industry.  What about Chick-fil-A? Conform and be like every other fast food business. Or, transform and create an experience.

Zappos? Apple? Dave Ramsey? They could all conform and be like every other organization in their industry. They would probably be successful. But, they chose to transform. To create. To lead. To see things different. To make a difference. As Simon Sinek states, they chose WHY before WHAT and HOW.

Brian Tracy on The Transformational Leader


4 Ways To Transform Your Leadership


#1 It Starts With You

You may be 25 or  55.  It doesn’t matter.  Cultivate and develop yourself first. Work a little bit on this every day.  Invest in yourself.  The return is huge. Leadership starts with you.  It’s the foundation.  Self-mastery is where leadership starts.  What are you reading?  Leaders are always learning and growing.   Opportunities to get better are everywhere.  Get better at leading and life.  What leadership conferences are you signed up for?  Who is your mentor?  What leadership material are you soaking up?  Leaders learn.

#2 Make An Impact Somewhere

Influence someone every day.  Make an impact.  Be a difference maker.  The people you lead are always watching.  It doesn’t matter what level you lead at. People don’t care about titles or positions.  People care about character, integrity and trust.  Now you can influence.

#3 Serve Others

It goes without question leaders serve.  Check out Mark Miller’s web-site, Leaders Serve. If you don’t serve you don’t lead.  You control, dictate, intimidate or command but you don’t lead.  Leaders serve and they do it with humility.

#4 Learn How To Communicate Not Just Connect

Leaders are faced with information overload.  The speed of change and information make communication more complex than ever before. Most people are great at connecting but miss with communication.

The key is to simplify the complexity.  Sounds difficult and it is.  Leaders simplify the message and process so everyone understands. They provide complete transparency. Here are six ways to simplify your communication efforts.

  1. Simplify your vision (what does success look like).

  2. Be authentic and genuine.

  3. Time the message correctly.

  4. Make it repetitive.

  5. Make sure all of your communication and behavior aligns with the vision.

  6. Don’t assume people understand everything.  They probably don’t but won’t tell you.

It all starts with you. You can choose to conform and blend in or transform. Pick one.  Don’t wait.

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  1. Right on, right on! I personally connect with #1 and #2. I never believed I was a leader until others affirmed I was a leader. That’s a scary predicament. I could have had a completely different life if I had not received that validation though I had it in me all the time.

    Finding younger leaders to invest in and challenge gets me fired up because I know they have it in them and if they aren’t ready to step up then give them opportunities to see their brilliane change lives so they’ll own their call. Thanks for writing this!

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