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4 Basics To Great Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is crucial. It can often be the difference between mediocre and great.  Author Patrick Lencioni states it’s the one thing a leader can’t delegate. Leaders need to be great delegators, but not when it comes to organizational culture.





Leaders need to own, create and shape culture. Here are four things you can do to lay a foundation for a positive organizational culture. 

#1 – Minimize turnover.  Do people leave your organization frequently? People quit leadership not the organization.   Maybe you need to look at the culture you’ve created for your team.  If you continually lose people something is wrong.  Find out what it is.

#2 – Eliminate finger pointing and blame.  Is there a lot of finger pointing and blaming throughout the organization? Is there a lack of accountability and responsibility.   Be extremely clear.  The blame game will not be tolerated.   Make each employee read John Miller’s book The QBQ.    Then make them tell you what they learned and how they will apply it in the organization.

#3 – Encourage feedback. Do you get consistent feedback from your team? Are they intimidated? Are they scared to speak up in fear of being forced out? You don’t want fear driving the lack of feedback in the organization. Create an open culture with transparency. 

#4 – Stop gossip.   If you have constant gossip, the culture is unhealthy.   Gossip never does anyone or any organization good.  It drains energy and enthusiasm. 

Gossip about the company, or about leadership, is a particularly evil form of disloyalty.  And it is suicidal when the person gossiping is hurting and running down the place and the people who pay him so he can feed his family.  Gossip is evil, it is insidious, and it is contagious - Dave Ramsey, EntreLeadership.

Why Organizational Culture Matters



It’s up to you.  Shape and create a great organizational culture. Or don’t.  But, understand the consequences of don’t. 

Have a great week!

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